Michael Ornauer was born in 1979, Vienna, Austria. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and attended the Studio of Hubert Schmalix and Amelie von Wulffen. 2010 he was nominated for the “Georg Eisler award” of Bank Austria Kunstforum. His works are shown on a regular base in solo and group exhibitions.

Michael Ornauer quotes in his works traditional motives and genres of painting and depicts with his partly abstract brush ductus an apparently lighthearted, partly surreal world. At first sight the color fields are impressive, giving again and again access to landscapes of unknown origin situated behind them. On a second glance quotations of our Western media world – seemingly randomly selected – point out notorious subjects, together, however, they give the impression of cherishing  beautiful memories of the past, which are gradually decomposing.

When considering his works the analysis of landscape painting and Zen Buddhism is also playing an essential role. Together with the thought of “looking into (your own) nature and becoming Buddha” the internal side of the world is turned outside, the landscape is reflecting the inner state of mind and the observer conceives his own internal world of experience like an image illustrating meditation.

Text by Silvia Müllegger, Photo ©  Stefan Nützel